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Cupwire: a (half) year in review

Hey everyone, how ya doin'? I felt I should come up to the mic for a brief moment and say a few words about how Cupwire has been, what I'm working on, and some plans for the future.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all the people who have paid a visit and read the words I've strung together across the screen. Thank you to everyone who has shared my posts on social media or with their friends and family. I truly appreciate each and every reader and hopefully I can keep giving you a reason to pop back in to see what's new.

Also it's been nice to chat with the people who have messaged me over the last few months. It's been great getting to chat with some of the people in the community and I apologize if I kinda sorta maybe disappeared towards the end of the year when it came to responding to messages. I had a lot of things happening IRL that really snatched my focused.

So real quick, what worked, what didn't, and where we're going.

I launched Cupwire in June 2020 with the goal of being a place where people new to privacy can get their journey started. That goal has been met, in my opinion, and I couldn't be happier with the feedback I've received. I keep Cupwire's metrics public but there's been 14,000+ unique readers looking at 22,600 pages from June til the writing of this post, with the most popular post being about how your data is being abused.

What worked

Cupwire launched and people read it, which makes that a win in my book. Really though, that's all I wanted. I didn't launch this site to get rich (no affiliates, no sponsored content, no ads, and no memberships to be seen). Actually it's quite the opposite. I pay $42/month ($36 to Ghost and $6 to plausible) to run this place. But yeah, I'm still here so we're doing great!

What didn't

Well, I didn't write anywhere close to as much original content as I planned when I launched Cupwire. Yes, I wrote something every week, but it was mostly just sharing privacy specific news and current events with a word or two from me. For example, I left my series on cell phones unfinished, laying in waste at part 1 of a 3 part planned series and I focused more on digital privacy than I wanted as well. There's numerous IRL centric articles half written but I just haven't made time to finish fleshing them out.

Plans, ideas, future, etc etc

So, what's the plan going into 2021?

More original content at a faster clip. I feel like the content I do put out is quality but it could definitely be done at quicker pace. Coupled with that, I'll be throwing out some shorter posts.  I understand not everyone wants to read 15 or 30 minute long posts all the time, no matter the content.

A podcast: One idea I've toyed around with is creating a podcast (who hasn't thought about creating a podcast nowadays). Something short (10 minutes or less) and strictly educational (aka, not news or current events related). But, I kinda moved away from the idea because I didn't feel I had something to say that required that type of platform. So, for now, that idea is shelved indefinitely.

A book: I'm currently finishing the skeleton of a privacy to newcomers type book. Michael Bazzell absolutely nailed the extreme side of privacy with his books but I feel there's a bit more to be desired from those on the other end of the spectrum. Like this website, the book isn't geared at making me millions. It's solely to give people a resource to help them get the privacy they deserve. I'll post more about it as it gets further along but it's currently in the works.

Writing: A huge focus of mine is to clean up my writing so I sound a bit more cohesive. I definitely get the job done but a natural master of the pen, I am not. I'll be spending some time learning how to put words together in better ways, which hopefully translates to easier to read articles and less jumping around with my thoughts.

That's all.