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ICYMI: Sept 28 - Oct 4

ICYMI: Sept 28 - Oct 4

ICYMI is posted every Monday recapping privacy news over the last week from around the web.

Announcing Librem AweSIM: A Privacy-focused Cellular Service for the Librem 5

Today we are pleased to announce Librem AweSIM: a prepaid, unlimited cellular service designed to work literally out of the box with the Librem 5. Sign up for Librem AweSIM and provide us with your preferred area code, and when your Librem 5 is ready to ship, we will register a new number to your SIM and install it into your Librem 5 so calls, SMS and cellular data just work when you unbox it.
[...] While we have big plans for the future of Librem AweSIM, we want to keep it simple to start. That’s why we are launching the service with one full-service prepaid plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data for $99/month. This means no need for you (or us) to track minutes, texts, or worry about overages. We are starting the service in the US and will consider expanding into other regions based on demand.

Expensive and restricted to the Librem. This is... something.  There are much better options for privacy in regards to cell phone plans.

Facebook users in Illinois can now apply for a privacy payout of up to $400

Residents of Illinois who posted a picture of themselves to Facebook—or were "tagged" in a photo by someone else—can now apply to receive a payout in a class action settlement.

The settlement, which will see Facebook users in the state receive from $200 to $400, is notable for its size—Facebook agreed to pay $650 million—and because it represents a rare occasion of a tech company compensating its users for a privacy violation.

Those wishing to apply for a payment can do so on this website.


FreeTube has been rewritten from scratch

After about a year of work, it's finally time to showcase the effort that's been done to create a brand new FreeTube.  FreeTube has been rewritten from scratch to create an all new enhanced experience.

The best way to watch YouTube on your computer without any of the tracking and data collection

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