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ICYMI: Nov 2 - Nov 8

ICYMI: Nov 2 - Nov 8

ICYMI is posted every Monday recapping privacy news over the last week from around the web.

App privacy details on the App Store

Later this year, the App Store will help users understand an app’s privacy practices before they download the app on any Apple platform. On each app’s product page, users can learn about some of the data types the app may collect, and whether that data is linked to them or used to track them. You’ll need to provide information about your app’s privacy practices, including the practices of third-party partners whose code you integrate into your app, in App Store Connect. This information will be required to submit new apps and app updates to the App Store starting December 8, 2020.

You can never have too much transparency when it comes to these types of things

Police Will Pilot a Program to Live-Stream Amazon Ring Cameras

Police in Jackson, Mississippi, have started a pilot program that would allow Ring owners to patch the camera streams from their front doors directly to a police Real Time Crime Center. The footage from your front door includes you coming and going from your house, your neighbors taking out the trash, and the dog walkers and delivery people who do their jobs in your street. In Jackson, this footage can now be live streamed directly onto a dozen monitors scrutinized by police around the clock. Even if you refuse to allow your footage to be used that way, your neighbor’s camera pointed at your house may still be transmitting directly to the police.

Ring already works with over 1,000 police departments across the country, so I expect pilot to spread fairly quickly

ProtonDrive Beta is now available for paid ProtonMail users.

I'm excited to see where this ends up but it's not a great offer as it stands. High cost, low storage and missing features such as sharing, previews, and syncing with other devices. You'll want to look elsewhere if you need a fully featured option.

Proton Drive is currently available to Lifetime, Visionary and Mail Plus & VPN Plus bundle customers.

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