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ICYMI: July 26 - Aug 1

ICYMI: July 26 - Aug 1

ICYMI is posted every Monday recapping privacy news over the last week from around the web.

Google Play gets mandatory app privacy labels in April 2022

Google posted a demo of what the Google Play "Data privacy & security" section will look like, and it contains everything you'd expect if you've looked at the App Store lately. There's information on what data apps collect, whether or not the apps share the data with third parties, and how the data is stored. Developers can also explain what the data is used for and if data collection is required to use the app. The section also lists whether or not the collected data is encrypted, if the user can delete the data, and if the app follows Google's "Families" policy (meaning all the usual COPPA stuff).
All of this information is basically just running on the honor system, and on iOS, developers have already been caught faking their privacy labels.

That last bit is what makes the entire idea go from outstanding to barely okay

Celebrating Mozilla VPN: How we’re keeping your data safe for you

Today, we’re launching a new feature, one that’s been requested by many users called split tunneling. This allows you to divide your internet traffic and choose which apps you want to secure through an encrypted VPN tunnel, and which apps you want to connect to an open network. Additionally, we recently released the captive portal feature which allows you to join public Wi-Fi networks securely. We continue to add new features to offer you the flexibility to use Mozilla VPN wherever you go.

However, they've raised the prices and pitched it as offering a "more flexible" pricing structure. If you're interested in Firefox VPN, just go to the source

The Future of PrivacyTools

Our work maintaining PrivacyTools has been extremely difficult of late without access to key assets such as the domain and without the participation of its founder. As a result the team decided to hold a vote for a new name.

It's good that they're invested in moving the platform somewhere else but it's a shame the name won't live on. More discussion about this can be found in this Reddit post